Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Yesterday's Dinner and My Desk At Work

Eating out, most of the time, has been getting old, and I've been finding joy in making my own food, but, while taking a designer's sense with the food... lol...

Since I enjoyed the Sukoyaka 8 grain rice, I made some, but fried it with some bell peppers and green onions. I also baked a potato and placed it on a bed of baby carrots. The meat, bought at Marukai, was grilled, marinated in red wine and placed on a bed of fresh bell peppers and sprinkled with green onions. I couldn't decide between kimchee and kyuri zuke, so I had both lol...
This was the shot I posted on FaceBook, but I didn't like the positioning of the meat, after I got a closer look at the pic. lol...

I arrived at work really early, this morning. Traffic was almost non existent, so I basically flew through the 405! lol
This is what is right next to my computer. The Ukon power drink is an Orange and Cassis juice vitamin supplement, that tasted more like vitamin and less like juice.
The funny thing, about my Madoka nendo, is that I make her look like she can walk on walls and stuff. It makes her seem more crazy with this face as well.

This is probably one of the last shots you'll see of Madoka on that computer... I will be starting my new job next week!!! lol

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