Saturday, November 5, 2011

Transformers Piece for DesignerCon

My friends over at 3 Coconut Monkey had this cool vacuum formed Optimus Prime head, otherwised known as OP1, and I thought it'd be cool to draw on a blank of it. I tried my best to take pics as the process went on, but, as you can see, focus was kinda distorted! LOL

The blank "canvas" was ready for my scribbles!

One of the challenging parts about drawing on a 3D object was placement of the art. Where do you draw, etc. Because, Optimus was the focal point of this piece, I place him right on his face mask.

I added more detail into him to fill him out, then I thickened his outline.

Next up, where do I stick Megatron? I figured on the direct opposite corner would be a good idea, like he's "flying in" or something. Like Optimus, I did a really rough sketch just to see the placement of the character...

...then I went over it, adding the details etc. and thickening his outline too. The two leader bots had to stand out for what I was planning.

When I said "scribbles", I really meant it. I scribble styled actual Transformers characters to frame the head and the 2 bot leaders.

I added a Unicron, in planet mode, in the OP eye, as if it were in Optimus's sight.

Cybertron, or Seibertron depending on your views, was drawn into his helmet, like as if it was on his mind.

The final piece. The drawing, in the end, took roughly 1 and a half anime BluRays to complete, so, I'm guessing like 2 hours.

So, if you are attending Designer Con today, you might see it. If it doesn't sell there, it'll be at ComiKaze. And... if it doesn't sell there... LOL...

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