Saturday, November 26, 2011

MEGUMI! Writing while I'm in town! ^_^

Oh boy... a bunch of my friends, that I said I'd visit them while I was up in Nor Cali, are probably really pissed at me for not hanging out while I was in town... lol Sorry, guys! I promise, though, there was a good reason!!!
That reason was writing/fixing my pink hair character (on the left of this website) and doing her story justice. I brought along my good friend and writer to rewrite my scattered stories of Megumi and make some sense to her. We were able to finish the 1st volume (yes, we're doing it tankoban style) and now I have to draw it out, then send her the pencils so she can write dialogue while I ink it! I think this way will work out best because, I'm not a writer, and she is! WOO!!! I can't wait til it's printed!!! XD

Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011! XD

Thanksgiving is a time when the family gets together to share a huge feast and play board games while trying to digest all the great food that was eaten. That is tradition, right? LOL

On Wednesday, the night before Thanksgiving, the toy company I work for, gave each of their employees a cooked turkey, a tradition that the family has been doing. This was new to me and surprised me quite a bit! This showed me that there are actual, genuinely nice people in the Toy Industry and that I am thankful to be a part of them!

Now, I promised everyone that I was coming up to Northern California for Thanksgiving, so I did go. This was taken on the road late at night. After work, my brother and I ate some of the turkey, cleaned a little, then packed up and headed out, hoping to miss the LA traffic. We did, so the drive was less stressful.

Still trying to arrange my room at my parents house, I finally found my pissed off Pikachu! Aww! Isn't he cute! XD LOL

I also found Aoki's ride from 2Fast2Furious. I think I'm gonna bring this back with me! LOL

Thanksgiving dinner was held at my auntie's place and she had it nicely decorated. This table was the "kid's" section (kid's meaning my generation... lol). It served as our place to play games afterwards too!

Ok, now let's go through the foods, the IMPORTANT part of what Thanksgiving is, right right? LOL

Hors d'oeuvres!
See that? That's a cake! XD

One of my Mom's jello. This one was a new kind!


More Hors d'oeuvres!

Lumpia, a staple at any Filipino get together!

My cousin was putting the final touches on the cupcakes!

My Mom's salmon! Nice!

Pancit, another Filipino staple.

Another view of the Turkey cake with the cupcakes! It's like a dessert battle! lol

The turkey, all cut up already!

The famous 4 layer Jello! XD

Ok, the food is all ready, and everyone is hungry! Can we eat yet???

Starving, it seemed like the prayer before the meal was quite fast lol

I wanted to try everything... so I only got a little of everything! I was so full after this plate.... -_-

Then there was dessert to be eaten...

...and games to be played. Our choice was Phase 10. I totally had beginner's luck...

The crazy cousins (some of us, not all) and a niece! Crazy people! LOL

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Friend's BDay Surprise!

It was one of our friend's BDay and, the otaku thought it would be cool to throw another Shabu Shabu dinner party!

Decorations were being put up as I got there... They could've called me over! I wasn't doing anything! lol

What surprised me was that they were making a cake! How sweet is that? Just the amount of energy put into making it is intense!

Madoka highly impressed by the otaku bakers! ^_^

LOL of course, not everything was perfect! But, a little frosting over that gaping hole, and it's all good!

The second layer placed on, they were now preparing for the third layer!

Impressive! Most impressive!

Starving from all the picture taking and beer drinking, one of our friends brought back some One Piece cookies from her trip to Japan! I got one piece (pun intended) and the sugary treat helped calm my tummy for dinner.

Te finishing touches on the cake!

Madoka, again, highly impressed with such a cool cake!

Yagyuu Jubei was impress by the Shabu Shabu set up!

Just like the last dinner party, these otaku know how to create a top class get together!

The birthday girl with her cake! lol "You guys made that? It looks handmade!" -_-'

Metro Pointe and the RAIN! D:

A couple of my friends wanted to hang out for lunch even though it was raining today, in the OC. I was a bit tired from the dinner party, the night before, but still wanted to hang out, but not at one of my normal spots.
Headed out the door, all the leaves were on the ground and I thought that Mikuru would be a great match for the fallen leaves... and... she almost fell into the little river...

I told my friends to meet us over at the Barnes and Nobel bookstore near the place I suggested we eat at. Because we got there early, my brother and I went to go look through the bargain section, where I saw this book! I think I'll eventually get it since I like Green Day a lot!

The section of Barnes and Nobel that I told my friends to meet at was, obviously, the manga section... OMG... My section is shrinking!!! :( It really sucks to see the section where I learned about random manga, just because I would pick it off the shelf and read it in the store, has shrunk in size because of our failing economy. At least I have Kinokuniya close to me (I also have a discount card there).

The place I suggested we eat at, was Boardwalk Burgers, under the Edwards Theater. My brother and I came here a little more often before, but have since slacked off. We used to get "Free Burger Cards" from the owner, which was sweet, cos then we'd have a free meal. The burgers there are good, but sometimes, to be honest, the workers, when the owner is not there, tend to be lazy and slow. Today was not bad, but, in my opinion, if they want to attract more customers, their service needs to be top notch and fast. Also, they need to hire females... the sausage fest, at that place, is one of the reasons I don't like going so much...
Since it's almost Christmas time, Metro Point has added their decorations in their business section, which included a huge tree covering the fountain.

It was a cool little unnoticed area where people seem to just walk past... it's kinda sad, actually.

Jamba Juice! After a couple hours walking around aimlessly, we were thirsty and decided we needed some Jamba Juice.
Now, unlike Boardwalk burger, this place had girls working. One of them was even cute! lol

While inside Jamba Juice, the rain started to fall hard. I wanted to try some shots out with my phone, so I took the plastic bag and wrapped it, puncturing a hole for where the camera phone lens needs to peek out and I proceeded to go out into the rain.

With the sidewalk pretty much flooded, I thought this would be a cool shot to take.