Saturday, December 31, 2011

Still Plays With Toys 12-31-11 NYE

Ugh... sooo sick right now... gonna call it an early night...
Even though I was sick, yesterday, I cooked this cos I didn't want that meat to go bad! lol

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Sushi B4 Heading North For XMas

I know, I know... I'm posting this late, but... can you blame me? My last blog was with the super cute Hannah Minx! Kinda hard to top that! lol Anyway, Merry Christmas!
Before heading up north to my family's house, I got to hang out with a couple friends at a revolving sushi place called Kaisen Kaiten Sushi!
For this little fooding, I took along Elsie here... As you see, she is super excited that I took her somewhere...
So excited, in fact, that she started chasing the sushi around the conveyor belt...
After getting my sushi, I realized... I got way too much... -_-

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Hannah Minx!!! ^_^

Hey hey, everyone! Yesterday, I got to hang out with the super kawaii Hannah Minx! She is visiting So Cali and wanted to hang out, so we did, and Haruhi Suzumiya came along too! ^_^

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We were kind of hungry, so we stopped over at this cool restaurant called Planet Raw! The owner, Juliano, is a really cool dude with some really crazy food creations on the menu, but they were so good and tasty while, at the same time, looking awesome on a plate!

Haruhi enjoyed eating there!
The food at Planet Raw is all natural and super healthy! This roll was one of my favorites from this place!
The tortellini was awesome!
The pasta was excellent, with a strong cheese flavoring, and the spices on the veggies were spicy!
We enjoyed this restaurant very much! Highly recommended!

One of the places that I wanted to take Hannah to was my friend's bakery, Bonjour! We got a bunch of cakes!
We ended up filming a little bit at Bonjour! Yay!
After doing more filming at another location, we were tired and hungry, so I took them to Shin Sen Gumi! I took Hannah here because I knew that she would enjoy the atmosphere of this place and the food is awesome too!
And, because I love sweets, more dessert! ^_^ Isn't Hannah just the cutest? <3

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Office Hijinx part 000001?

Life of a toy designer is hard... Yeah, it looks and seems easy... but, seriously? It's pretty hardcore...
Coffee is a definite MUST...
There were sooooo many empty Detolf glass cases in the warehouse, I moved one into my office and filled it...
One of the shelves is missing, however, but, it will be found next Monday!
And... this is what it looks like from my chair...

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Still Plays With Toys 12-14-11

lol Thinking about resurrecting this strip... we'll see if I can focus... lol

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Testing at Work!

I had to today... needed to draw faster! D: lol
See that chair? I'll be moving a Detolf there this week! lol

Monday, December 12, 2011

What it's like to be me... at work

OMG... the rain, during my commute was... intense... I don't like rain... well... cold rain... and rain when I have to drive long distances... As soon as I got near work, I stopped over at Starbucks as a way of telling myself, "Thank God I survived..." lol...
The drink is a Ginerbread Latte, one of the seasonal flavors that Starbucks does every year. I usually try them all while they are here. There were 3 Vanilla Bean scones... but... 1 of them didn't survive long enough to be in the pic... HEY! I was hungry!! lol
The view from my seat is pretty much upskirt panty shots...
My meeting table that everyone seems to leave stuff on... Ayanami is protecting it here!
Another shot of Rei! Look how clean my area is!
My tower is next to me, on the desk, so, those 2 dolls are also upskirt panty shots! lol...
And.. what I cooked when I got home.. so sleepy...

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Kohryu Ramen!

Today, my brother was headed back up to Nor Cal for the rest of the year and wanted to get Ramen before he left. But, not just any ramen, he wanted Kohryu ramen! So, for lunch, before he left, we got Kohryu! Wawawawaw
When we get there, we were immediately seated, well, cos we got there early lol, but, as usually, we got ice tea.
This pic, I was practicing using the swivel screen of the Canon T3i to take a lower angle shot without me having to squat down in an in comfortable pose. This angle made Mio super cute...

The swivel screen was also great for taking shots angled in spots where I can't fit, like, for example, here is where, if I were to take the pic standing up, my ass would be in the guy's head that was seated adjacent to this...
The gyoza is always a "must" at Kohryu.
The ramen I got was Kohry's house special, miso flavored. The pic, unfortunately, came out blurred on Mio's face...

Saturday, December 10, 2011

XMas Anime Viewing in a theater!

My brother and I were watching multiple series' of anime and noticed that it was getting close to Christmas. Then we got to thinking about the many different XMas anime episodes out there and decided to hold a small viewing with a bunch of our friends.
So, we reserved our apartment's theater and watched anime. For some reason, the theater's dvd player doesn't like anime dvds... so we ended up taking the viewers over to our apartment to watch anime.

After getting bored with XMas anime, we decided to watch Sengoku Basara and Gundam Unicorn. After the last Gundam Unicorn BluRay we had was finished, we decided to go to Full Moon Sushi.
I got the Sushi and Sashimi plate, which was good, as always.
the pic of the culprits! lol After eating, we just hung around and starting talking and yeah, normal typical otakuness! lol

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Disneyland 12-04-11!!!

Today, a bunch of us decided to hit up one of our favorite places to hang out, Disneyland! Today, I brought Haruhi Suzumiya, but placed a Bratz hat on her and made her a little scarf. Isn't she the cutest??? <3
My brother and I decided to head over a little early to scope out the area, and maybe take pics of the Christmas decorations that were set up.
Main Street was busy, as usual, but, when you see the tree, you realize why...
Walking down Main Street, to the center courtyard, was a little tough with all the people.
The courtyard was crowded too. People were taking pics of the Walt and Mickey statue.
Around the statue, they had planted poinsettia plants for the holidays!
The bronze Minnie Mouse statue! ^_^
Walking towards Sleeping Beauty's castle!
In front of Sleeping Beauty's castle, the roof was covered in "snow" to give it a nice winter feel.
For some reason, I didn't remember this statue there... lol I got a lot of stares as I placed Haruhi on there. I had to reach over the railing too lol...
The castle was fun, but let's go around more!
We went over to Innovations, a cool little area that shows futuristic stuff... well... not too futuristic. More like stuff coming out within the next 5 or so years. This was the smart kitchen, which had an invisible screen in the counter-top which can show you recipes and even order food for you from your grocery. That sink was voice activated. When you said, "Water on", the water turned on! WHOA!!!!!
Still inside Innovations!
"I'm a real toy!" LOL
Mary Poppins! NICE! They always get a cute girl to play her! <3
lol This one is for Goldie! lol
Before dinner, we were at the New Orleans area! The area was all decked out in Christmas too! Fun fun!

Well, that's it for now! I'll post the rest of the Disneyland trip next time!