Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween 2012

Happy Halloween, everyone! For this set, I went to a hiking trail near me, in Costa Mesa, and brought along a couple scary toys with me! And what luck! Yesterday, LucasFilm announced being bought by Disney AND a scheduled date for STAR WARS EPISODE 7!!!! 8D Needless to say, I'm quite ecstatic!

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

FOOD PORN and toys! :D

One of the things that's stereotypical of us Asians is that we take photos of our food. I know that I'm VERY guilty of doing this, but, for some reason, I still keep doing it. I usually take my photos with my toys playing around them... I guess I like to play with my food? lol It's just a way for me to make "art" I guess? lol

Anyway, here are some of a few pics of places I've been to recently! WARNING! Don't look if you're hungry!

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This was the table set up at The Empanadas Place in Costa Mesa!

The Empanadas Place had Argentinian soda called Inca Kola. It tasted like pineapple!

1 traditional empanada and one spinach empanada!

One of my trips to YogurtLand! You can see my car in the background lol

The Boba Smoothie place, in Costa Mesa, is one of our regular spots.

Boba Smoothie has a deal for a burger, fries and a boba drink for under $5! The burger is tasty!

At the Westminster Mall, they have a Mediterranean place called Tito's. They are slow, if you order something, but it was pretty tasty. This is their Fallafel wrap.

Waiting to order at Guppy House in Irvine!

I ordered the massive popcorn chicken plate at Guppy House... soooo massive...

And, of course, we all got boba from Guppy House... See the  boba drink under Optimus Prime? That's the 32oz size....

Dessert was.... destructive... This is the biggest shaved ice from Guppy House... for the seven of us that were eating it... we couldn't finish it...

Islands is a burger spot that my brother and I have been going to since college. This particular restaurant was in Huntington Beach. Their burgers are still good, just a little more expensive now...

Taking pics, at Islands, caught the attention of the other guests, who were there for football... lol

Chief Carnivus from the Masters of the Universe Classics line. Waiting for our food at Pizza D'oro in Costa Mesa.

Our food came with either soup or salad. I usually get salad.

And, Pizza D'oro's all you can eat lasagna!... OMG... food coma...

Sunday, October 28, 2012

SoCal AMCC Cosplay Potluck Halloween 2012

The SoCal Anime Manga Cosplay Club hosted an event at Mile Square Park in Fountain Valley California on October 27th and the otaku were out having a good time in celebration of Halloween! They had a potluck, as well as some games going on throughout the day. The club is fairly new, but the enthusiasm and love, for being an otaku, was there!

If you live in Southern California, please join the club! SoCal AMCC Facebook Page

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