Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!!! lol

Happy Halloween, otaku!!! lol This year, there was a party at work, and a lot of the employees, along with myself, dressed up in costume this year! Woooooo!!! The company had a potluck, which most everyone brought sweets..., but they also got sandwiches and other lunchy type foods! Work was still busy, which made the day fly by too! lol

Konata cosplaying as Evil Witch Yuki from Haruhi. The candy corn is left over... lol... can't eat anymore candy corn...

Yagyu Jubei at my desk with my early morning coffee and my wrist band that I wear when I draw! lol And that sexy Apple mouse! lol

The setta zori were surprisingly comfortable. My only problem was going up and down stairs at work. The tabi socks were the cheap kind, basically, just socks but felt better with the setta zori rather than the black socks I used the night before.

My obi was tied by myself. The nice lady, at the kimono store in Lil Tokyo, taught me how to tie an obi properly. I moved the tied area to my side to take a picture of it.

This Yukata was, what I was told, a traditional replica or something. The cloth is heavy and it received many compliments at the office.

After work, I was hungry...

So... I made some food! The Zarusoba, lol, I didn't actually make... I picked it up at Marukai. Like the anime, Ben-To, the Japanese groceries have sales on their prepared food. This one, I've never seen before, so I decided to pick it up. The final cost of it was $2.50!!! The noodles are served cold, which, I tend to enjoy, for some reason... but... when I was at the store, I didn't think this, by itself, would fill me up, so I also picked up some yakiniku (beef). Those meats there cost $1.75!!! XD NIIICCCEEE!!! lol I mixed in some spices and added green onions to the meat to give it flavor, then added a sauce I made to finish off the final essence of it. Full now... but... there's always room for Green Tea Ice Cream, right right? XD

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Lil Tokyo and OCAG Halloween!

I got an early morning call from one of my friends that wanted to take a nap over at my place before we head out to Lil Tokyo. Today also happened to be the day my anime club, OCAG, held its Halloween party and anime screening.

My friend wanted to go find pieces for her yukata and decided that we should drive out to Lil Tokyo and find the stuff she needed. I'm always down for hitting up one of my old playgrounds, so I decided to go along as well!

When we got there, we were starving!!! We were looking for places in the Japanese Village and settled for this place called Wakasaya, a place that is only a year old in that area... Walking in, there was absolutely ZERO Japanese workers working this restaurant... That should've been the first sign that it wasn't going to be good... The second sign was that there was absolutely ZERO Japanese customers... WHATSSSS??????????

Being slow from hunger... I decided to give it a try... as they say, "Never judge a book by its cover..." Well... the posters and decorations look cool... Ehh... gotta try at least once, right right?

Let's take a side step, cos I found this slightly interesting, but the girl next to us found it completely disgusting... Mayo Soy Sauce. To me, an American, yeah, at first, I was like, "Huh?" but then, when you think about it... you're like, "Hmm, alright" but when you try it, it's normal.

Ok... back on track... The service at Wakasaya, in Lil Tokyo, was a joke... the main host person was a hippy, and not like just for a costume, since it was Halloween esque... no, he was a really hippy.. slow, dirty, slow, forgetful and yeah... slow... They took forever to take our order and they never checked on us once... The German couple, next to us, got there when we took our order and didn't place an order until we finished our food. The food was, meh, nothing special. You could tell that they were trying to imitate the Shinsengumi noodles, but the broth just didn't cut it... And... I didn't understand the shrimp in the ramen... what??? The seared salmon mini bowl was... meh... When they said "mini" they really meant it... I'll even go as far as complaining about the Dr. Pepper fountain drink... Come on... How do you mess up soda? I bought a 2 liter Pepsi once from the 99 Cent Store... and never again... There is a weird taste that I can taste in cheap soda... like... I dunno... dust? Like, if you went into a dirty 99 Cent Store and you smell that icky smell and that smell leaked into the drink and fused its flavor onto it... that's what the added taste would taste like. THIS is what this restaurant's Dr. Pepper tasted like. Did I mention the service was BAD?

Ok, back to roaming around the Japanese Village, we came across two areas that still had the wish papers tied to the trees from Tanabata. Every time I see this, I get all excited and think about Haruhi! lol
Next to the trees, they had this little boulder garden.

And next to that was a little shop selling little trees lol! XD

While on the search for yukata things for my friend, I decided to try some on as well. One little shop, right next to Jungle Anime, had a older Japanese lady working in her lonely shop. On the outside, the sign said it was a Kimono rental shop for traditional Japanese weddings. I asked to try on one of the Yukata, that they sold for guys, and she put it on me and showed me how to tie the belt section. Now, I had this feeling with the other shop that had me try the yukata on, but, for some reason, while these ladies dressed me up in these clothes, I felt like a doll... and I enjoyed it... Just standing still, while they placed it on me, then, gently wrapping the waste section, it just felt natural, like I was a doll.
The Japanese lady, from that specific shop, was really kind to me and even brought me to the other places to complete my yukata set. Sometimes she would speak to me in Japanese, and I would understand very little, but I'd remind her that I wasn't Japanese and that I didn't speak. She said I reminded her of her son when he was younger. lol
We ended up spending way too much time at the yukata shops that we had to fly through Jungle Anime. I didn't see the owner there, so, I didn't feel guilty not staying long to have a small conversation with him and his convention season this year.

Time to head back to the OC for the OCAG Halloween party!

After dropping off my friend, I headed off over to my anime club's party.

At this point, I was overly exhausted and starving again... The people showed up, some in costume, and we were watching Kara no Kyoukai on BluRay! I was dressed up in my yukata and was taking pics of the toys I brought with me.

I needed to sit down, so I went to the poker room and started playing with my figures on the table with the chips... lol

I didn't take pics of the costumes, but... yeah... really tired lol

A pretty good and busy day! Tomorrow is Halloween, and we're supposed to dress up at work! XD lol

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Cute Girlies Work At Islands

I was hanging out with one of my friends when we hit up our local anime figure shop (we didn't buy anything lol aww *sadness), after which, we hopped across the street to the swap meet to check it out. Then, we were like hungry, so we went over the the Islands Burger place down the street. Now, I've eaten at Islands a lot, especially throughout college. But, for some reason, today, there was a LOT of cute girls working there... Our waitress looked like that model/actress Rebecca Gayheart (I think that's her name...) and yeah... wow... lol

Endless Chips and Salsa is a must, for the hungry! This time around... wasn't hungry enough! lol But, they were still pretty good!

The Hawaiian burger is one of their staple burgers and is VERY tasty. The fries, were pretty good at first, but didn't keep long, as they tasted stale towards the end of the meal.

After leaving the place, one of the waitresses was leaving and, like if it was in slow motion, she removed her hair tie and let her blonde hair down and shook it back and forth...., NIIIICCCCEEE!!!! lol

Ryan, you Twinkie! lol

I think it's funny how, after Zombieland, there was a resurgence of Twinkies being eaten. Those little cream filled sponge cakes of awesome were something, as a kid growing up, didn't understand why I liked them so much. Also, the term "Twinkie", became something like a derogatory word used to describe Asians that were "whitewashed" (ie. Me). But, nevertheless, these little sugar snacks are still pretty tasty, by my book, and I enjoy them every once in a while! :D

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Bell Peppers and Beef!!! (alt.)

So, I was in the mood to cook, yesterday, before Cassy and Eric pull me out to the Souplantation. I still ended up taking a pic of the finished meal yesterday!

I was feeling Bell Peppers and Beef when I was food shopping, but I forgot most of the ingredients. Ok, I only forgot the garlic. But, it still tasted good and the chopped green onions still gave it a good flavor. I ate it, today, with rice and kimchee, my usuals! lol

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


While I was cooking dinner, a couple of my friends called me up cos they were gonna get Souplantation right next to my place. Not feeling like hanging around by myself, I went with them!

I was too lazy to take a pic of the second plate that you see the edge of on the left side, but, yeah, that was full too! All salad!! lol I don't get to eat much veggies when my bro is around, cos he's a carnivore, so, when I get a chance, I always load up on greens!

On a side note, the food I cooked today, I will post the photo of the completed dinner tomorrow, since I will probably be eating that tomorrow after work! lol I tried a little piece of it, and it was pretty good! :D

Machine at the work!

At the place I'm working at, right now, we are designing on Macs... WHAT A WHATS???!!! Like I said before... it is rare for Toy Design companies to let designers design on Macs. Toy companies tend to be cheap and expect grade A product out of grade S(hit) tools... So, to my pleasant surprise, this great company placed me on a Mac! YEAHHHH!!!
As you can see, from Konata pointing up at the screen, my Mac has already been infected with Haruhiism! :D

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Beer run!

Needed some beer... ran out! LOL


With the surround sound fixed... animes have been playing at all times while I'm at home! WOO!!!

OMG... Yogurtland...! lol

Sometimes, you just gotta get some frozen yogurt... even though it's freezing outside... ya??

Lunch at Frisco's!

Today, I had an interview at a toy company in City of Industry. The interview went really well, but it was lunch time, and I was starving... I used to live around that area, so I know of a few places where I like going. One place is this place called Frisco's. Or, what I like to call, "Hooters on roller skates and more focused on legs rather than oppai" lol. Back when I used to live around there, the girls were sometimes cute and sometimes... well.. I'll be nice and just say, "No comment"... But, I'm glad that the day I show up, there were some cute girls working today! :D

NOW THAT'S HOW YOU SELL THIS PLACE!!!! Food on the cover? HELL NO! Photo of the girls!!! WOOOOOOO!!!! <3

This was a drawing on the backside of the Specials menu that my server suggested I take a pic of... In my mind, I was like... "Meh..." lol

I got a breakfast burrito... for some reason, I just felt like eating one... as you see from this pic... my attention was more on the roller skating girls with short skirts... The Breakfast burrito was standard. Mine was the bacon version. It's better than fast food, but, when you go to Frisco's, I think more attention goes to the girls!

Here is my waitress!!! NICE! She was dressed as a nerdy school girl (*nosebleeds) and she kept wanting to touch my Madoka (That sounded so dirty! lol)... and... I forgot her name... lol...

Monday, October 24, 2011

That's one sexy mouse!

At the place I'm freelancing at, they use Mac's! WHAT A WHAT?!?!?!? A toy company that uses Mac instead of PC??? FINALLY! lol Now... my Mac has this cool looking mouse! It's so sexy! Almost as sexy as my futuristic, space age, battery sucking arch of a mouse I have at home! lol

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Halloween is for CANDY!!!

HALLOWEEN IS FOR CANDY!!! lol Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, that and Convention Season in July.... LOL The reason why Halloween is one of my favorite holidays is because it celebrates one of my favorite food groups... CANDY!!! lol

The Candy Corn Harvest mix was one of my choices because it had the candy corn and the pumpkin candy. Unfortunately... I'm not too fond of the Tootsie roll type of candy corn that was included in this pack... Now, don't get me wrong, I do love Tootsie rolls... it's just that the flavor doesn't mix well with the other two, for some reason...

Well... that didn't last long! lol...

Boredom... so a Starbucks run!

After a day of doing laundry and random cleaning, I needed to get out... So, off to the Starbucks with my Sailor Moon manga and Haruhi in tow! Venti caramel macchiato... since it was freakin' COLD outside... My usual, Green Tea Frapp would've had my fingers frozen... eep!

Saber drawing!

I finally finished the pencils on my Saber piece a couple of weeks ago. It received a lot of compliments and I'm happy how it turned out! Now I just need to finish it! LOL The original is up for sale at my Comic Art Commissions site, along with other art and even my comics!

My Alcoholic Toys...

LOL... Sometimes, while drinking, I like to take pics of my figures next to the drinks... Alcohol is sometimes called "spirits" and I'd like to think that maybe, some "spirits" live within my toys? lol

Bonjour! Gardena

BONJOUR!!! lol One of my friends works at this nice little French Bakery, in Gardena, CA, called Bonjour. It's a cute little shop with a bunch of cute and tasty cakes and pastries. My friend, and all her coworkers noticed that when I go there, their business becomes busy, like I have some magical powers... -_- ... lol so she usually asks me to go there a lot to help bring them more customers.
To be honest, their cakes and pastries don't need my help! They are perfect tasty treats that, once people have a taste, will be coming back for more!

lol I posted this blog because, I was supposed to come over today... but... I don't think I can make it... :( Hopefully I can next weekend though!

SEE?!?!?!? These are AWESOME!!!! ^ The last 2 pics were the tasties that I brought home!!! Soooo good!!! :D

Balboa Park - 3/19/11

I went to Balboa Park to take some pics of my figures. Unfortunately, I got there kinda late and the sun wasn't out anymore... lol Luckily, the buildings around there were lit and gave for some interesting backgrounds!

Haruhi is headed for her concert appearance! lol "Now, which way do I go again?"

Momotaros's pose, along with the background of the hallway, was just an awesome pic.