Thursday, November 10, 2011

Last Day and Boba Time!

Today was my last day over at RoseArt. I met some really cool and artistic people during my short time there, but they will still be missed.

Going away cupcake and donut holes? lol nah. It was two of the designer's b-days, and we had some sugary goodness in the morning!

During lunch, we hit up the OC food trucks just down the plaza. Disappointed that Dogzilla wasn't there, I settled for a truck called Spudrunners. I ordered the grilled cheese sandwich and the Irish Fries. The grilled cheese was pretty good, with at lease 2 different kinds of cheese on thick slices of bread. The overkill, though, was the Irish fries... They were good, it was just that it was too much food, after finishing both of them. The Irish fries were peppered fries, covered in melted cheese, cheddar and American, along with bacon and a sprinkle of green onions. For my dipping sauce, I got the pesto, which went quite well with the fries.

Just before I'm about to leave, I took this one shot of Madoka walking on my iMac. Now, before, I mentioned that the Toy Industry, at least the places I've been at and the side I would be on, generally does not work on Macs. It was fun working on this machine, and it seemed like I would forget certain commands and hot keys on the Mac, but, after a while, right back in the game. My only bad experience with it was that it loses the network and that the Wacom tablet was slow, not being able to keep up with my drawing. But, the computer was awesome, still, and I was happy to work on it!
After work, I sped down to my Kinokuniya to meet up with my really pretty friend for some boba! Instead of boba, I got shaved ice... and added boba... LOL
OH! And one of our coworkers bought one of John O's, from 3coconutmonkey, and had me tag it with Optimus Prime! Here is what it ended up looking like!
Thank you, everyone at RoseArt! It was a fun time with a bunch of great people! I hope to work with all of you again!

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