Friday, November 18, 2011

1st Week of the New Job!

In these times, I'm thankful to have been picked up by a fun Toy Company with a great, although small, team. Although, my commute may be rough, I feel that it is a necessary part of my experience, with this company, to stay "hungry" and fight for my own personal dreams and goals.
My GM told me, as he showed me to my office (yes, I have my own office), that I "may decorate it however I wanted to." This... is a start of what it will look like! lol My Mac (YES!!! I'm working on a Mac again!! WOOO!!!) has been set to change my wallpaper randomly at 30 minute intervals. I loaded my computer with a ton of anime wallpaper just for this! LOL
As you can see, I started to plaster my wall with anime paraphernalia. Doing this, actually relaxes me and keeps my mind thinking of new ideas. I guess I find comfort in the clutter...

Today, for lunch, instead of hanging with the guys, I decided to head over to Nijiya market to get a bento. As much as I like hanging with everyone, I just needed time on my own so I can focus on my work. Everyone, at the company, is great... and social... VERY social... lol I do enjoy the socializing, but, I like to have focus!

At Nijiya, they have some awesome snacks! I picked this one up because the panda had the same eyes as Madoka! LOL
Kona coffee, is probably my favorite type of coffee. I meant the kind from Hawaii! lol The cold Kona coffee cans, that I can find at the Japanese markets, is a great "pick me up" and a good alternative to energy drinks.

"Magic Rub"! LOL I remember when I first learned about this eraser. I couldn't stop laughing at how perverted the name sounded. Kanbaru's face was PERFECT for her holding with perverted eraser! lol

Like I said earlier, my wallpaper changes! lol

In decorating my office, I had one rule... "I will only bring in 1 male character, not including robot characters." My pick was Storm Shadow, but from the movie G.I Joe... AND... it's the one with his mask off! lol My pick was very intentional. I wanted to have an Asian as my only male character, and, because I thought he was a badass in The Good, The Bad, The Weird, I picked him! lol

So, that was my first week! Now, I have to pick certain figures to review for Otaku House! See you tomorrow!

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