Monday, March 1, 2010

Haruhi Swimsuit Statue by Griffon!

This past weekend, we went over to Little Tokyo in Downtown Los Angeles and had my birthday lunch over at Zencu Sushi and Grill ( Awesome place, by the way! We had sushi and whatever else with our friends in OCAG and, to my surprise, they presented me with a Haruhi Suzumiya statue that I didn't have, The Hauhi Suzumiya Swimsuit version by Griffon Enterprises!

This awesome sculpture was sculpted by Abira and had many little details I enjoyed. First off, Haruhi is carrying a, what looks to be, a Super Soaker type of water gun. It's translucent and even has a bullet belt coming through it. Her sarong was also translucent which gave a little hint of her bikini bottom :3! Her top had a nice tied point in between her cleavage which was a really cute detail. Her face is really cute as well, and is similar to Griffon's other Haruhi statue, the Gothic Loli one. The eyes were a tampo print as opposed to a straight on paint, probably to save on cost issues, but it's fine. My problem with tampo print is that I'm always afraid of touching it for some reason. Haruhi's defining feature is her yellow ribbons in her hair, which were nicely done and have a sense of flow as if a gentle breeze was going through them. Her pose is also quite nice, with what seems to be her standing on her tip toes with a wide stance while pointing in the air and her water gun pointing out. She has a look like, "Yeah, you have no chance against me!" Her base is similar to the gothic loli version, matte black with a metal name plate in the front center.
All in all, the Haruhi Suzumiya Swimsuit version by Griffon is an awesome piece and will be displayed awesomely!
Thanks to my bro and OCAG for her!

Greetings, fellow Otaku!

OK! For a while, I've wanted to review toys, comics and animation and give my input of how that product can be improved. Also, being a part of OCAG (Orange County Anime Genshiken), we tend to go out to eat and I end up taking photos of my toys wherever we go. Hopefully, I remember that I have this thing and maybe I'll post stuff often! And if you want to check out my artwork, that site is It MIGHT be flagged for some of it's explicit content though... so, cheers and welcome!