Sunday, November 20, 2011

Metro Pointe and the RAIN! D:

A couple of my friends wanted to hang out for lunch even though it was raining today, in the OC. I was a bit tired from the dinner party, the night before, but still wanted to hang out, but not at one of my normal spots.
Headed out the door, all the leaves were on the ground and I thought that Mikuru would be a great match for the fallen leaves... and... she almost fell into the little river...

I told my friends to meet us over at the Barnes and Nobel bookstore near the place I suggested we eat at. Because we got there early, my brother and I went to go look through the bargain section, where I saw this book! I think I'll eventually get it since I like Green Day a lot!

The section of Barnes and Nobel that I told my friends to meet at was, obviously, the manga section... OMG... My section is shrinking!!! :( It really sucks to see the section where I learned about random manga, just because I would pick it off the shelf and read it in the store, has shrunk in size because of our failing economy. At least I have Kinokuniya close to me (I also have a discount card there).

The place I suggested we eat at, was Boardwalk Burgers, under the Edwards Theater. My brother and I came here a little more often before, but have since slacked off. We used to get "Free Burger Cards" from the owner, which was sweet, cos then we'd have a free meal. The burgers there are good, but sometimes, to be honest, the workers, when the owner is not there, tend to be lazy and slow. Today was not bad, but, in my opinion, if they want to attract more customers, their service needs to be top notch and fast. Also, they need to hire females... the sausage fest, at that place, is one of the reasons I don't like going so much...
Since it's almost Christmas time, Metro Point has added their decorations in their business section, which included a huge tree covering the fountain.

It was a cool little unnoticed area where people seem to just walk past... it's kinda sad, actually.

Jamba Juice! After a couple hours walking around aimlessly, we were thirsty and decided we needed some Jamba Juice.
Now, unlike Boardwalk burger, this place had girls working. One of them was even cute! lol

While inside Jamba Juice, the rain started to fall hard. I wanted to try some shots out with my phone, so I took the plastic bag and wrapped it, puncturing a hole for where the camera phone lens needs to peek out and I proceeded to go out into the rain.

With the sidewalk pretty much flooded, I thought this would be a cool shot to take.

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