Sunday, November 20, 2011

Friend's BDay Surprise!

It was one of our friend's BDay and, the otaku thought it would be cool to throw another Shabu Shabu dinner party!

Decorations were being put up as I got there... They could've called me over! I wasn't doing anything! lol

What surprised me was that they were making a cake! How sweet is that? Just the amount of energy put into making it is intense!

Madoka highly impressed by the otaku bakers! ^_^

LOL of course, not everything was perfect! But, a little frosting over that gaping hole, and it's all good!

The second layer placed on, they were now preparing for the third layer!

Impressive! Most impressive!

Starving from all the picture taking and beer drinking, one of our friends brought back some One Piece cookies from her trip to Japan! I got one piece (pun intended) and the sugary treat helped calm my tummy for dinner.

Te finishing touches on the cake!

Madoka, again, highly impressed with such a cool cake!

Yagyuu Jubei was impress by the Shabu Shabu set up!

Just like the last dinner party, these otaku know how to create a top class get together!

The birthday girl with her cake! lol "You guys made that? It looks handmade!" -_-'

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