Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Animegacon 2012!

Animegacon, in Las Vegas, was a blast! It was their first year, as a convention, and I was recruited back at Fanime. I was set up in the Artist Alley and it seemed lively and I was busy selling stuff everyday at the con! The bad part, about Vegas, for me, is the smoking indoors... it always makes my eyes red and itchy... i wasn't cool with it... Another thing, is the buffets... ugh... sooooo much food! lol The good things were that there was so many cool cosplay for such a small con, and obtaining autographs, for me, at least, was easy and fast! I was able to get the autographs I wanted in such a short time that I wasn't away from my booth for too long! That's always a plus, cos I was always busy! lol
Animegacon, for me anyway, as an artist alley seller, I think I'll be headed back there again next year... hopefully during a much cooler time... IT WAS FREAKIN HOOOTTTTTTT!!! lol

ABCToy4Me is an awesome anime figure shop that I recommend checking out! Go here http://www.abctoy4me.com/
Ariel from the Little Mermaid

Sailor Moon!

At the table playing with my toys from ABCToys4Me

The nendo, riding her bird was just so funny and cute! ^_^

You know who else is cute? Victoria from Crunchyroll! OMG! LUVZ!

Doll Delight

Taking a little break to roam around the dealer hall! Yup, that's a Scion there! lol 

OMG!!!!!!!!! Vampy!!! Chuuu!!! I took a lot of pics of her before, but never got the chance to take one with her! SOOOOO PRETTY!!!!

Sexy no Jutsu Naruto!!! lol I should have worn my cosplay here and reenact that one drawing I did... lol 


Aaron as Bepo eating some angry pork! lol


Voice actress of Panty, from Panty and Stocking, Jamie Marchi, autographing some shimapan! lol... funny thing is... Vampy saw me getting this... I was so embarrassed! lol

Suddenly, a Haruhi appears at the PMX table across from me! She was in hiding after this pic... lol

Ash and Misty! lol I took a pic with that Ash! Cute girl!


Yoko after me asking for, uh, things... lol

After a long day, headed to Paris!

The Paris Buffet had... wait for it... CREPES!!!

I just had to! lol Pina Colada (lasted like 10 minutes)

Joanie Brosas as Felicia from Darkstalkers!

Drinking apple juice at the booth! lol.........

Soul Eater!

Black Rock Shooter

Taking a break fro all the things and walking around the dealer hall again for pics!

Some of Animegacon's maids! Cuteness!

ABCToy4Me!!! My friends didn't know I was taking pics of them lol! Thanks for the Miku!

Yup... lol

Thursday, August 16, 2012

SHARK WEEK! Huntington Beach 8-15-12

It's shark week! AHHHH! What am I doing on the beach??? lol I went to Huntington Beach in the morning to take advantage of a nice day to just chill and brainstorm some comics and stuff! Here's some pics!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Rishon's BDay at Newport Beach

What happens when a bunch of otaku go to a beach? We turn it into a cosplay photoshoot! Rishon's BDay, in the morning, consisted of us going to Newport Beach and cosplaying as One Piece characters!