Saturday, November 5, 2011

DesignerCon 2011 Pasadena, CA!

DesignerCon is a convention for designers, mainly of the urban vinyl figure scene, but, sprinkled in with this bunch are designers of all other kinds. Like, imagine the Toy Farm section of the San Diego Comic-Con, and that's what this was! In actuality, DesignerCon reminded me a lot of Alternative Press Expo, or APE, back in the 90's when it was in San Jose (I haven't been there recently since it moved to San Francisco, but I heard it's still pretty cool!). I wasn't planning on attending this convention, at first, but, I did a really cool Transformers piece for 3CoconutMonkey, and one of my friends wanted to check it out!

The program book was drawn by Brandt Peters and Kathie Olivas and the "badge" was the size of a business card... in fact, I thought it was a business card... lol

There was a ton of traffic headed up to Pasadena, and then, when we got there, the parking was pretty tough... but, after finally finding parking, we were on our way to the convention!

Waiting in line to purchase a ticket was pretty fast. I saw one of my coworkers in line, but, after I purchased my ticket, which was super cheap $7, he vanished! lol

After walking in, my expectation of the convention was actually better, sort of. The hall was bigger than I expected, with around 111 booths, a live drawing stage, and some weird talk show stage thingie...

This was the talk show thingie... notice the booth babe girl... you'll see more of her later in these pics...

One of the first booths you see is this weird "Lego" booth where dudes were putting together Lego sets while being timed, like a Star Wars Star Destroyer... But, then I saw this...

Yup... It was a "Battle of the Ents" diorama!!! XD lol this massive tower was set up in the corner of the massive booth and just drew my attention right to it... I wanted to play with it so bad...

Towards the end of the booth, they had the wall mural that was part of Star Wars Celebration as well as an H.R. Geiger design... out of Legos... LOL

Much like any other geek convention, the aisles were slightly packed sometimes making it difficult to navigate through.

But, then it makes you stop and look at some of these random art toys! So cute! lol

The So So Happy booth was really bright and vibrant and their hoodies.... OMG... I wanted one... but they were only for girls... BOO!!!!

Running around, I ran into some of my classmate buds from OTIS, P$ and E-Dub!!! These two awesome designers also were visited by a couple more of our classmates! (Hey, why weren't they showing at this con? lol)

So... that "Booth babe" from earlier... there's her backside! lol Scared Madoka face, in this pic was priceless! lol
John O, from 3CoconutMonkey, throwin' gang signs lol This was him and Edgar's booth where the Transformers piece I drew was displayed! Fun group of people and awesome stuff!

After checking out DesignerCon, having not eaten lunch yet, Eric, Ying and I went and got some food then headed back home! The Con was an inspiring experience, and, although, not really my sort of thing, I felt that it had enough to spark an interest in doing more designs and paintings like this. It was a pretty cool show, and maybe I might do a booth there next year... MAYBE... not making any promises! lol

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