Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011! XD

Thanksgiving is a time when the family gets together to share a huge feast and play board games while trying to digest all the great food that was eaten. That is tradition, right? LOL

On Wednesday, the night before Thanksgiving, the toy company I work for, gave each of their employees a cooked turkey, a tradition that the family has been doing. This was new to me and surprised me quite a bit! This showed me that there are actual, genuinely nice people in the Toy Industry and that I am thankful to be a part of them!

Now, I promised everyone that I was coming up to Northern California for Thanksgiving, so I did go. This was taken on the road late at night. After work, my brother and I ate some of the turkey, cleaned a little, then packed up and headed out, hoping to miss the LA traffic. We did, so the drive was less stressful.

Still trying to arrange my room at my parents house, I finally found my pissed off Pikachu! Aww! Isn't he cute! XD LOL

I also found Aoki's ride from 2Fast2Furious. I think I'm gonna bring this back with me! LOL

Thanksgiving dinner was held at my auntie's place and she had it nicely decorated. This table was the "kid's" section (kid's meaning my generation... lol). It served as our place to play games afterwards too!

Ok, now let's go through the foods, the IMPORTANT part of what Thanksgiving is, right right? LOL

Hors d'oeuvres!
See that? That's a cake! XD

One of my Mom's jello. This one was a new kind!


More Hors d'oeuvres!

Lumpia, a staple at any Filipino get together!

My cousin was putting the final touches on the cupcakes!

My Mom's salmon! Nice!

Pancit, another Filipino staple.

Another view of the Turkey cake with the cupcakes! It's like a dessert battle! lol

The turkey, all cut up already!

The famous 4 layer Jello! XD

Ok, the food is all ready, and everyone is hungry! Can we eat yet???

Starving, it seemed like the prayer before the meal was quite fast lol

I wanted to try everything... so I only got a little of everything! I was so full after this plate.... -_-

Then there was dessert to be eaten...

...and games to be played. Our choice was Phase 10. I totally had beginner's luck...

The crazy cousins (some of us, not all) and a niece! Crazy people! LOL

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