Sunday, November 20, 2011

Full Moon Sushi - 11-19-11

Full Moon Sushi, in Costa Mesa, is one of our regular eating places as it has cheap prices for decent food. It doesn't hurt that there is a boba shop, a Yogurtland AND a Kinokuniya in the same plaza.
Since I come here a lot, the people immediately know to bring me ice tea! LOL Depending on who the server is, it could be a regular sized glass or one of their huge glasses lol.

For lunch, I usually order from their special combination section, which comes with miso soup. I also wanted some edamame, so I ordered a bowl.

They usually bring out he main entree first, but, this time, they brought out the spicy tuna roll. Now, a few people have said that this is quite spicy for them. Maybe my tolerance is high, but this isn't that spicy, but it is a good amount of roll for a combo platter.

Because I've been eating a lot of beef recently, I order the Teriyaki chicken, which came with a salad with a Japanese dressing and a bowl of rice. Overall, the entire meal cost less than $10.

Full Moon is a good place to go when you want something quick, need to be in that area, and don't want to spend too much on food.

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