Sunday, November 6, 2011

Pork and the Melon Pan

One of the few things I'm not familiar with cooking is pork. But, today, while shopping at Marukai for groceries, the nice Filipino lady, giving samples of the pork meat, I couldn't resist trying. So, I decided to make pork yakitori on skewers! lol

I got the pork meats and sticks and proceeded with that, then, cooked those. While those were cooking, I also had some Sukoyaka 8 grain rice, a nice, healthy alternative to my usual white rice, some boiled baby carrots and kyuri zuke, a pickled cucumber. JUST IN CASE I messed up on cooking the pork right, I washed it down with Asahi lol...
The pork ended up cooking right, if not, a little burned, and the carrots and zuke were both good compliments to the yakitori but that rice... NICE! It had a really healthy taste to it and was finished first, from this plate.

After dinner, I finished it off with some melon pan. I usually don't see melon pan displayed in the refrigerated section, but this one was, side by side with other similar pans, (ie. cream pan).

SEE?!?! I didn't play video games all day! lol

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