Friday, November 4, 2011


After my interview (3rd one, btw), I decided to go around the corner to get some JollieBee "Gangsta" Chicken (Spicy fried chicken that is soooo good, you don't mind the pain), but... when I got to the place I remember it at... it was gone... Just like Harold and Kumar when they went to look for White Castle... Sadness.... But... as I was leaving the parking lot, I saw another Filipino food place... GOLDILOCKS!!! Now... I sound like a white person whenever I go to a Filipino place, and, hey... that's just the way I am... but, I love me some Pinoy food every now and then!

Ensaymada is one of my faves as a kid, but, I didn't eat those yet, so... lol I won't talk about that! BUT, I will talk about the pork Siopao, which is similar to the Chinese Xiopao, but, the pork inside is Filipino styled. The tasty pork meat, on the inside, is a sweet tender meat which made me... finish all 3 in one sitting... Then, those rectangle pie things? Well... they used to not be shaped like that. I asked for empanadas and the nice lady said that they aren't empanada anymore, but "Chicken Pie"... WHATS??? No longer are those tasty treats a half circle, but a rectangle AND they changed the name... so, then I heated one up and tried it... it tastes the same! lol I've had other types of empanada, but, for some reason, I'm always comparing them to the Filipino styled ones, which is sweeter. It might be because I have a sweet tooth... but still...
And... this is me, before the interview... "chick magnet Ryan" :D

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