Saturday, November 26, 2011

MEGUMI! Writing while I'm in town! ^_^

Oh boy... a bunch of my friends, that I said I'd visit them while I was up in Nor Cali, are probably really pissed at me for not hanging out while I was in town... lol Sorry, guys! I promise, though, there was a good reason!!!
That reason was writing/fixing my pink hair character (on the left of this website) and doing her story justice. I brought along my good friend and writer to rewrite my scattered stories of Megumi and make some sense to her. We were able to finish the 1st volume (yes, we're doing it tankoban style) and now I have to draw it out, then send her the pencils so she can write dialogue while I ink it! I think this way will work out best because, I'm not a writer, and she is! WOO!!! I can't wait til it's printed!!! XD

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