Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!!! lol

Happy Halloween, otaku!!! lol This year, there was a party at work, and a lot of the employees, along with myself, dressed up in costume this year! Woooooo!!! The company had a potluck, which most everyone brought sweets..., but they also got sandwiches and other lunchy type foods! Work was still busy, which made the day fly by too! lol

Konata cosplaying as Evil Witch Yuki from Haruhi. The candy corn is left over... lol... can't eat anymore candy corn...

Yagyu Jubei at my desk with my early morning coffee and my wrist band that I wear when I draw! lol And that sexy Apple mouse! lol

The setta zori were surprisingly comfortable. My only problem was going up and down stairs at work. The tabi socks were the cheap kind, basically, just socks but felt better with the setta zori rather than the black socks I used the night before.

My obi was tied by myself. The nice lady, at the kimono store in Lil Tokyo, taught me how to tie an obi properly. I moved the tied area to my side to take a picture of it.

This Yukata was, what I was told, a traditional replica or something. The cloth is heavy and it received many compliments at the office.

After work, I was hungry...

So... I made some food! The Zarusoba, lol, I didn't actually make... I picked it up at Marukai. Like the anime, Ben-To, the Japanese groceries have sales on their prepared food. This one, I've never seen before, so I decided to pick it up. The final cost of it was $2.50!!! The noodles are served cold, which, I tend to enjoy, for some reason... but... when I was at the store, I didn't think this, by itself, would fill me up, so I also picked up some yakiniku (beef). Those meats there cost $1.75!!! XD NIIICCCEEE!!! lol I mixed in some spices and added green onions to the meat to give it flavor, then added a sauce I made to finish off the final essence of it. Full now... but... there's always room for Green Tea Ice Cream, right right? XD

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