Saturday, October 29, 2011

Cute Girlies Work At Islands

I was hanging out with one of my friends when we hit up our local anime figure shop (we didn't buy anything lol aww *sadness), after which, we hopped across the street to the swap meet to check it out. Then, we were like hungry, so we went over the the Islands Burger place down the street. Now, I've eaten at Islands a lot, especially throughout college. But, for some reason, today, there was a LOT of cute girls working there... Our waitress looked like that model/actress Rebecca Gayheart (I think that's her name...) and yeah... wow... lol

Endless Chips and Salsa is a must, for the hungry! This time around... wasn't hungry enough! lol But, they were still pretty good!

The Hawaiian burger is one of their staple burgers and is VERY tasty. The fries, were pretty good at first, but didn't keep long, as they tasted stale towards the end of the meal.

After leaving the place, one of the waitresses was leaving and, like if it was in slow motion, she removed her hair tie and let her blonde hair down and shook it back and forth...., NIIIICCCCEEE!!!! lol

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