Sunday, October 23, 2011

Bonjour! Gardena

BONJOUR!!! lol One of my friends works at this nice little French Bakery, in Gardena, CA, called Bonjour. It's a cute little shop with a bunch of cute and tasty cakes and pastries. My friend, and all her coworkers noticed that when I go there, their business becomes busy, like I have some magical powers... -_- ... lol so she usually asks me to go there a lot to help bring them more customers.
To be honest, their cakes and pastries don't need my help! They are perfect tasty treats that, once people have a taste, will be coming back for more!

lol I posted this blog because, I was supposed to come over today... but... I don't think I can make it... :( Hopefully I can next weekend though!

SEE?!?!?!? These are AWESOME!!!! ^ The last 2 pics were the tasties that I brought home!!! Soooo good!!! :D

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