Saturday, October 22, 2011

Hawaii - Kona Island 2011

We had a family trip out to Hawaii this past June. I usually don't go on family trips, but I didn't want to miss out on visiting this awesome state... not to mention all the choice environment back drops for some of my figures!!!

This was behind the Punalu'u Bake Shop on the way back from the Black Sand beach. This little pond and trickling waterfall was a great spot for a pic!

Although quite slippery... little nooks where the ocean water comes in through the rocks on the beach form little lakes and rivers for the figures. Ayanami, here, is a perfect example of how wonderful the scene looks when I pay attention to the detail.

One of the things we did was go to the little swap meets where a lot of the locals sold random Hawaiian goods, like homegrown Kona coffee, fruits and veggies, and Hawaiian decorations.

While at the Black Sand Beach, I came across the outer shell of a cut coconut. I watched it as it floated in the tiny "lake" and I noticed that a petite Nendoroid could easily fit on it. So I propped up Yui in it and she sailed all over the place! lol

The Black Sand Beach had a cliff area where the restrooms were located at. The backdrop was too awesome not to take a pic!

One of things about the Black Sand Beach was that it was a Sea Turtle "rest stop". People weren't allowed to go too close to the turtles while they hung out on the sand... but... yeah... I'm not one to pay attention to rules and stuff lol.

For this photo, I wanted to hide Tomoe's large base, so, I stuck her in the water and it worked!!! The dark water hid the black base quite well and gave the figure a more "life-like" feel to it.

Near our condo, was a small harbor. It was usually busy, but not crazy busy, but, when the people saw me whip out my figures, prop them up and taking pics of them, I got quite a few stares! lol Yup! Just like home! lol

By the pool at the condo!

The first beach we went to... OMG... the sand was sooooo freakin' hot... but the photo ops were sooooo freakin' good! lol Tomoe enjoying the beach!

Living in So Cali, I frequent the beach and I am used to just being a beach bum, but, wow... Hawaii's beaches are so nice and it felt awesome just kicking back and hanging out!... even though the sand was like a million degrees...

SUNBLOCK!!! I needed it... but... even then... I still got darker! lol But, not as dark as Azunyan here! lol

One of the cool things about the condo was the table's center piece. I played with it a lot, just arranging them with my toys and the flowers from outside.

Our condo's pool was always an awesome spot for a photo. Menace, here, was an awesome model that looked like a goddess coming out from the water. Her pose, expression and the splashing water made this photo pop more than my other photos of her with a similar theme.

This pic... lol... this was one of the first pics I took when we arrived at the condo. The sun was piercing through the window, and Menace was already out... so I figured... lol

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