Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Lunch at Frisco's!

Today, I had an interview at a toy company in City of Industry. The interview went really well, but it was lunch time, and I was starving... I used to live around that area, so I know of a few places where I like going. One place is this place called Frisco's. Or, what I like to call, "Hooters on roller skates and more focused on legs rather than oppai" lol. Back when I used to live around there, the girls were sometimes cute and sometimes... well.. I'll be nice and just say, "No comment"... But, I'm glad that the day I show up, there were some cute girls working today! :D

NOW THAT'S HOW YOU SELL THIS PLACE!!!! Food on the cover? HELL NO! Photo of the girls!!! WOOOOOOO!!!! <3

This was a drawing on the backside of the Specials menu that my server suggested I take a pic of... In my mind, I was like... "Meh..." lol

I got a breakfast burrito... for some reason, I just felt like eating one... as you see from this pic... my attention was more on the roller skating girls with short skirts... The Breakfast burrito was standard. Mine was the bacon version. It's better than fast food, but, when you go to Frisco's, I think more attention goes to the girls!

Here is my waitress!!! NICE! She was dressed as a nerdy school girl (*nosebleeds) and she kept wanting to touch my Madoka (That sounded so dirty! lol)... and... I forgot her name... lol...

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