Saturday, December 10, 2011

XMas Anime Viewing in a theater!

My brother and I were watching multiple series' of anime and noticed that it was getting close to Christmas. Then we got to thinking about the many different XMas anime episodes out there and decided to hold a small viewing with a bunch of our friends.
So, we reserved our apartment's theater and watched anime. For some reason, the theater's dvd player doesn't like anime dvds... so we ended up taking the viewers over to our apartment to watch anime.

After getting bored with XMas anime, we decided to watch Sengoku Basara and Gundam Unicorn. After the last Gundam Unicorn BluRay we had was finished, we decided to go to Full Moon Sushi.
I got the Sushi and Sashimi plate, which was good, as always.
the pic of the culprits! lol After eating, we just hung around and starting talking and yeah, normal typical otakuness! lol

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