Sunday, December 4, 2011

Disneyland 12-04-11!!!

Today, a bunch of us decided to hit up one of our favorite places to hang out, Disneyland! Today, I brought Haruhi Suzumiya, but placed a Bratz hat on her and made her a little scarf. Isn't she the cutest??? <3
My brother and I decided to head over a little early to scope out the area, and maybe take pics of the Christmas decorations that were set up.
Main Street was busy, as usual, but, when you see the tree, you realize why...
Walking down Main Street, to the center courtyard, was a little tough with all the people.
The courtyard was crowded too. People were taking pics of the Walt and Mickey statue.
Around the statue, they had planted poinsettia plants for the holidays!
The bronze Minnie Mouse statue! ^_^
Walking towards Sleeping Beauty's castle!
In front of Sleeping Beauty's castle, the roof was covered in "snow" to give it a nice winter feel.
For some reason, I didn't remember this statue there... lol I got a lot of stares as I placed Haruhi on there. I had to reach over the railing too lol...
The castle was fun, but let's go around more!
We went over to Innovations, a cool little area that shows futuristic stuff... well... not too futuristic. More like stuff coming out within the next 5 or so years. This was the smart kitchen, which had an invisible screen in the counter-top which can show you recipes and even order food for you from your grocery. That sink was voice activated. When you said, "Water on", the water turned on! WHOA!!!!!
Still inside Innovations!
"I'm a real toy!" LOL
Mary Poppins! NICE! They always get a cute girl to play her! <3
lol This one is for Goldie! lol
Before dinner, we were at the New Orleans area! The area was all decked out in Christmas too! Fun fun!

Well, that's it for now! I'll post the rest of the Disneyland trip next time!

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