Saturday, December 3, 2011

Tabento? :D

My brother and I wanted Japanese food for lunch (Surprise, surprise, right right?) so we hit up Tabento?! a small Japanese restaurant near our apartment. We had first gone here with our anime club a long time ago, but have since, been randomly coming here with some of our friends.
The restaurant is super tiny, like maybe 20 people at most can fit in this tiny establishment, and, usually, the place is packed.
We usually get ice tea, so that's what we got. Take in mind, this small place is way under-staffed for the amount of business it receives, so, service might take a while. In today's case, we were served quite fast.
The place is called "Tabento", so I tend to order their bento lunches. These are basically combination plates with included miso soup.
Because I remembered how they seared their logo into their egg, I ordered the tamago, which looks a little different from before in that the egg is now sandwiching the rice. I'm glad that they kept their logo on the egg, since that's why I got it! ^_^
I ordered the chicken teriyaki bento, which came with chicken, rice, salad, California rolls and a small pasta. Pretty standard bento, but I enjoy the fact that they serve it in a bento box rather than just putting it on a plate.
The bacon roll came last, and... wow... you've got to love bacon to eat all of this... lol My brother took down one half of this, but, after about two pieces, I wished I had gotten one of the other rolls! lol Don't get me wrong, though, the bacon roll is awesome!
Tabento? is a a great place to eat at and I suggest checking it out! Friendly service and always great food!
lol this pic is unrelated... I'm just listening to this cd while writing this! lol and... Atsuko Maeda is soooooo freakin hot! Just so you know! AKB48 forever!!! <3

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