Sunday, December 11, 2011

Kohryu Ramen!

Today, my brother was headed back up to Nor Cal for the rest of the year and wanted to get Ramen before he left. But, not just any ramen, he wanted Kohryu ramen! So, for lunch, before he left, we got Kohryu! Wawawawaw
When we get there, we were immediately seated, well, cos we got there early lol, but, as usually, we got ice tea.
This pic, I was practicing using the swivel screen of the Canon T3i to take a lower angle shot without me having to squat down in an in comfortable pose. This angle made Mio super cute...

The swivel screen was also great for taking shots angled in spots where I can't fit, like, for example, here is where, if I were to take the pic standing up, my ass would be in the guy's head that was seated adjacent to this...
The gyoza is always a "must" at Kohryu.
The ramen I got was Kohry's house special, miso flavored. The pic, unfortunately, came out blurred on Mio's face...

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