Sunday, December 18, 2011

Hannah Minx!!! ^_^

Hey hey, everyone! Yesterday, I got to hang out with the super kawaii Hannah Minx! She is visiting So Cali and wanted to hang out, so we did, and Haruhi Suzumiya came along too! ^_^

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We were kind of hungry, so we stopped over at this cool restaurant called Planet Raw! The owner, Juliano, is a really cool dude with some really crazy food creations on the menu, but they were so good and tasty while, at the same time, looking awesome on a plate!

Haruhi enjoyed eating there!
The food at Planet Raw is all natural and super healthy! This roll was one of my favorites from this place!
The tortellini was awesome!
The pasta was excellent, with a strong cheese flavoring, and the spices on the veggies were spicy!
We enjoyed this restaurant very much! Highly recommended!

One of the places that I wanted to take Hannah to was my friend's bakery, Bonjour! We got a bunch of cakes!
We ended up filming a little bit at Bonjour! Yay!
After doing more filming at another location, we were tired and hungry, so I took them to Shin Sen Gumi! I took Hannah here because I knew that she would enjoy the atmosphere of this place and the food is awesome too!
And, because I love sweets, more dessert! ^_^ Isn't Hannah just the cutest? <3

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