Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Ultra Magical Movie Madoka Lil Tokyo Style

The parking garage, above Jungle Anime overlooks the Japanese Village.
LOL How was THAT for a title? lol

This past Sunday, October 21st, 2012, I was sent to Lil Tokyo, in Downtown Los Angeles, to watch the Puella Magi Madoka Magica! I assumed that my showing was in the early afternoon, but it turned out to be the 6PM showing... I arrived to Lil Tokyo around 11am, and was extremely early. While waiting for my friends, I decided to walk around my old playground for a little bit, armed with toys and my camera, I set out on my adventure to catch some Pokemon... err... cool pics...

I visit Lil Tokyo quite a bit, so I have many photos here, but, now, walking around by myself, I can explore a little more deeper and take pics that might embarrass my friends while taking them. Let's take a journey!

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Weller court fountain

Senka Cafe's wine selection... but, I wasn't here for wine...

I was here for Veggie burger! Senka Cafe Lunch deal! This was $6! Potato salad was the best ever!

Inside Weller Court by Kinokuniya

Onizuka Memorial in Weller Court

The Knot at Weller Court covered by Ultraman lol

Reading traveler statue

As I was taking this pic, a group of elderly ladies was asking what I was doing. When I showed them this pic, that I had just took, they thought it was so cute and the idea of taking photos of toys was a neat idea.

The Japanese Village tower! This is something I'm always afraid to walk under cos of all the bird poop under it...

Outside the Japanese American History Museum. An old guy came up to me and was curious about what I was doing. He seemed like he was trying to mug me or something, so I stood up, and he started to stutter... lol

After scaring off the weird guy, I took this pic looking towards the Japanese Village.

I wanted to take pics in different spots, so I walked through the Village and past the Pink Berry into the brick garden area.

One section there, had these trees. Interesting

I ended up at some bus stop too... wait... is this a bus stop?

Then I walked back to Weller Court and saw the mural outside of the Q store.

My friends were almost there, so I was sketching in my sketchbook for a little bit.

We decided to have an early dinner, before the movie, and we past by this little graffiti 


Beer #2....

A group of otaku eating ramen and talking of otaku things before we head out to the movie theater

After devouring our ramen, we decided to head out to the theater to check on the line for the Madoka movie. We had been reading reports that the lines were crazy long, so, we wanted to make sure we got there a little early to get a good seat in the theater...

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