Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Boba and the French Curry Tarzan

We barely get to hang out with one of our friends cos her school schedule is so busy... Originally, we were supposed to help her judge art (wow... you really want ME to judge art? lol) but, few entries and she didn't need us to rip anyone apart... So, we had a little bit of time to hang out

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My bro and Heather needed to go to Art Supply Warehouse  so we went for food around that area, which was L&L Hawaiian BBQ. The kids sitting next to us kept looking at me playing with my Transformers

They wanted desserts so we went to this French Bakery before going to her house to draw for a little bit

After hanging out, we all decided that we needed boba... like always...
After dropping them off, I went up to LA to pick up another one of my friends to draw! She didn't eat dinner yet so we ended up going to the Sawtelle area, Little Osaka, one of my old hangouts from College.

Curry House!

We got Lattes with our dinner and poured so much liquid sugar in them

NY Strip Curry was a new item on the menu... or was it a featured item...  I forget...

We still needed a place to draw, so we went to Beard Papas and drew some interesting things....

After Beard Papas closed, still had the art bug, so we went to Furaibo to draw 

Steak Sashimi

Tarzan Chicken

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