Monday, October 22, 2012

Small Wonders Cosplay Contest 2012

Every year, the anime shop, inside the Westminster Mall, holds a cosplay contest. Unfortunately, I was playing Pokemon most of the time and totally failed at getting pics...

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The Cosplay Contestants were out in full force!

The Cosplayers even did little skits.

GEEBUS... Such a sexy cat girl judge!!!

Sword Art Online!!!!

Behind the scenes pic

Sniping other photogs' shots!

After Small Wonders's contest, a group of us went to Yamadaya Ramen in Costa Mesa as a traditional post cosplay contest hangout. And after the ramen was eaten, we continued onto our traditional post ramen boba time! lol
Yamadaya Ramen!!!

Traditional, post cosplay drink of Sake!


Sexy cat girl's iPhone 5!!! *takes lots of pics of myself on her phone! LOL


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