Thursday, April 11, 2013

WonderCon Anaheim - Day 1 part 1

WonderCon 2013 was held at the Anaheim Convention Center again for the second year in a row! The con took up most of the convention center and ended up being sold out, much like its older brother, the San Diego Comic-Con. I took soooo many photos, that I have to split up the pics for these!

The con itself is a melting pot mix of many different genres of geek fandom, yet still has the feel of Comic-Con from back in the 90's. THEY ACTUALLY HAVE COMIC BOOKS IN THEIR DEALER HALL!!! I know, right? WonderCon, last year 2012, wasn't as heavily packed as it was this year. This year, the con conservatively took up 3/4th of the convention center, and you can see that the convention center's staff was not expecting a crowd this large at their facility. They were still constructing booths for the other show that took place in the remaining 1/4th of the exhibit hall, which made the convention center staff seem to be unprepared for a large convention such as this. The Anaheim Convention Center cannot contain the likes of the San Diego Comic-Con. I have explored all levels of the Anaheim Convention Center and it is not big enough, nor is their enough food places for the normal Con-Goer.


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