Tuesday, April 16, 2013

WonderCon 2013 and some Comic Artists!

Something that I haven't done in a while was get Autographs from some of the Comic Book artists that attend the Comic Show! Luckily, I remembered to bring stuff and got some pretty cool pics too! In the beginning, of my Con-Going years, my main reason was to go to these conventions to meet the people behind my favorite works of art. Being able to just go up and talk to them helped shape me to who I am as an artist. To aspiring artists out there, a word of advice is to go out to these events and meet the artists and writers. Get in their head just by talking to them, watching them. That is how you'll grow.

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Amanda Conner

Tim Bradstreet

Joshua Middleton
Hideo Baba
Whilce Portacio

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