Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The OtaKing - Episode 1

Yay! It's time for the OtaKing Show!!!

I've been filmed a lot for being an otaku. From TokyoPOP to the NHK and multiple other companies, it seemed like filming me was fun and simple enough for these stations, and, I guess they found me to be funny!

One of the ideas, I had a while back, was to do shorts, or funny clips with my bud, DirtyMonk. The idea is to show the world what being an American otaku is all about. We aren't the shy, quiet type, like all the other stereotypical otaku. We're loud, crazy and we like to PARTY! So, Grab a seat, sit back and enjoy the show!

We visit the Fruit Sticker's Maid Cafe event, and head over to Lil Tokyo, in Downtown LA, to visit Anime Jungle!

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