Friday, May 10, 2013

Figure Fridays!!! - 5/10/13 SLENDER FOREST!

HEY HEY!!! We're gonna try something different, from now on! FIGURE FRIDAYS!!! After all, how else did you think how I got the name "OtaKing"? LOL LET'S SET IT OFF!!!

This week's "Figure Fridays" was taken in Slenderman Forest, before nightfall! First off, I'm a designer and an artist and have been drawing since I was a wee lad. Photography is something really new to me and have still yet to find my style. With action figures, I'm noticing that I'm starting to make my photos more like my drawings, especially with the use of my brother's wide angle lens. His lens gives my photos a forced perspective, further bringing the viewer deeper into the action.

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