Thursday, October 31, 2013


GEEZ... time goes by fast.... It seems like Anime-Expo was only yesterday... the Summer... the beach... the fun... anyway...


For cosplayers, Halloween is a fun, yet, frustrating holiday. SURE cosplayers have costumes ready to be worn for a night of haunts and fun... but... really... if you were a cosplayer, would you want some kind of accident happening to your piece of art that you have slaved over for day of your life that you'll never get back??? Probably not. PLUS, not only that, would any of the norms recognize who you were cosplaying??? Again, probably not... oh well... Thank Haruhi that there is always a Con coming up soon!

Ok... well... the pics today aren't of cosplay. They are of some of my Nendos having fun for Halloween!!! You know what Halloween means, right? CANDY! LOTS AND LOTS OF CANDY!!! So, sugar up and have fun tonight! And... TRICK OR TREAT!!!

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