Monday, June 10, 2013

M.u.s.c.l.e. Mondays!!! - Wrestlers vs Zombies!

Wassup, M.u.s.c.l.e. Heads!!!

M.u.s.c.l.e. has been inspiring a lot of new mini figures. One of them is S.l.u.g. Zombies (Scary Little Ugly Guys) by Jakks Pacific. Instead of little wrestling guys like M.u.s.c.l.e., S.l.u.g. was a bunch of mini zombies and "survivors". I liked how the zombies were differentiated by their color, toxic green, as compared to the survivors, which was M.u.s.c.l.e. pink or "flesh" colored.

S.l.u.g. was actually a little bit taller than the M.u.s.c.l.e., but, they were still pretty cool little figures!

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